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5 Secrets to Lower the Monthly Credit Card Bill

Credit Card


When you apply online or offline for a credit card, check the associated costs and charges which in turn will help you plan better.

Here are some ways in which you can lower your credit card bill payments:

  • Spend Wisely– The best way to reduce your credit card bill payment is to use it wisely. Having a credit card does not mean that you can spend on anything. Your credit card offers you access to short-term credit which has to be repaid on time if you wish to avoid any kind of charges. Using your card only for expenses that you can afford to pay is the wisest thing.
  • Pay Off Your Bills on Time– Interest rates on your credit cards are applicable on any outstanding balances that you may have. And these outstanding balances arise when you are unable to pay off your monthly credit card bills on time or make only part payments. So, if you wish to reduce your credit card charges you should pay your due amounts on time and in full.
  • Negotiate for Lowering of Interest Rate – You always have the option of calling up your credit card issuer and renegotiating the applicable interest rates on your credit cards. This is possible if your credit score is good, and you have a good track record of paying off your dues.
  • Avoid Fresh Expenses Unless Your Outstanding Dues are Cleared – Rollover of the due amount to the next credit cycle will attract hefty charges. You can avoid doing so by not using the credit card for new purchases or transactions unless you pay off the earlier outstanding amounts. Reducing your outstanding balances will mean reduced interest costs thereby reducing the monthly credit card bill. This will require you to plan your finances well and pay off the high-interest debt first.
  • Make Your Big-Ticket Purchases on EMI– You can keep your monthly credit card bills low by spreading the cost of big-ticket purchases over several months. This is possible by either using the EMI or equated monthly instalment option offered by the merchant or get in touch with your credit card issuer for the same. In both the cases, the total cost of purchasing an item gets distributed over several months thereby reducing your credit card charges.

In addition to these tips, ensure that you do not attract additional charges like conversion of foreign exchange that apply when you use your credit cards abroad.  Try to use your credit card whether online or offline in such a way that you can get the benefit of various offers and discounts available on it. This will help you reduce your credit card bill.

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