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Amazon sells millions of different products on marketplaces. So, managing so many items at a place is not an easy task. Amazon has a specific product identification number that helps the customers, sellers, and Amazon to find the product easily,

Almost every Amazon product contains this identity number, it is called ASIN number. These unique numbers are a part of the selling policy, you can also lose your eligibility to sell products on Amazon if you do not follow the ASIN number correctly.

Do you know what is an Amazon ASIN number?  If you are a new seller, you will also need to know everything about Amazon ASIN numbers so that you can groom your online business without violating the rules and policies of Amazon.

Read this article to know about the ASIN number and how it can be helpful to you.

What is an Amazon ASIN number?

Amazon ASIN number is an alphanumeric code that is assigned to all the Amazon products by the Amazon authority and the partners. ASIN is the short form of Amazon Standard Identification Number. Almost all the products on amazon get ASIN numbers.

The main reason for assigning this number to the products is to create easiness for the Amazon sellers and buyers to find the product. It also assists the sellers and buyers to find their favorite thing on Amazon without any problem.

The ASIN number contains ten numbers or letters or sometimes both. It is unique for every product. Although this number is not standardized internationally still it is making it easier to organize all the products efficiently and reduce the overall burden.

ISBN and UPC are two different product identifiers that are issued by amazon for specific products. Let’s discuss them one by one.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN):

ISBN is used for International Standard Book Number. ASIN number is used for different Amazon products but not for books. ISBN is assigned to the commercial books. Each ISBN Identity number contains a combination that has the tendency to identify even a single book within thousands of books.

The ISBN numbers that were issued before 2007 contain ten digits however International Standard Book Numbers that were assigned after 2007 comprise 13 digits. Some of the ISBNs are printed on the back cover of the book and some identification numbers are printed inside the book’s cover.

Universal Product Code (UPC):

Universal product codes are printed on the commercial packages to identify specific retail items. Universal Product Code is specifically issued for commercial and retail products.

This code contains two parts, one of them consists of the black lines that can be translated by the barcode readers and the other part consists of the 12 easily readable digits.

Both these parts help to identify the product manually or mechanically. ISBN, ASIN, and the UPC help the customers and the sellers to manage the products easily, but the main difference is that the UPC is used worldwide. On the other hand, ASIN is used for Amazon marketplaces only.

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