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How are Demat accounts and trading accounts differ from one another?

Demat accounts and trading accounts


Achieving financial stability with the help of stock markets is not some gamble. It is a process that requires scientific and systematic investments. It is essential that you are well aware and have a fair understanding of the stock market and its fundamentals. The first step you need to take up is to open up your own Demat Account and trading account. But if you are wondering what this is and what’s the difference between Demat and trading accounts, then keep reading this post.

What is a Demat account?

Converting all the shares into electronic format is also known as the dematerialization. Owning physical shares also comes with a lot of risks and with the help of Demat accounts, you will be able to store them quite easily. Once you open Demat account, it automatically becomes a dematerialized account. In simple words, dematerializing the shares in electronic format is also popularly called a Demat account.

What is a Trading account?

After you have opened a Demat account, you will also have to start a trading account. This will come with a trading number that you can use for trading shares. Once you begin trading, you have to have three accounts: trading account, demat, and bank. Trading accounts act as perfect links that let you trade within markets. Having this account will help you access several stock markets.

The Four Key Differences Between Demat & Trading Accounts 

Although Demat and trading accounts have Demat and trading accounts both differ in functional aspects. Trading accounts are used for purchasing and buying securities whereas Demat accounts are allowed to maintain financial instruments within electronic formats. 


Demat accounts are required to hold securities whereas trading accounts are required to sell and buy shares with stock markets.


Demat accounts are similar to savings accounts.


Just like saving accounts hold cash, Demat accounts also help you invest as well as store financial instruments in electronic forms. They can also be credited and debited accordingly. Having a good trading account is like having a bank account. You should have both Demat and trading in order to continue trading within stock markets.

Key Role:

Demat accounts have the purpose of making sure you are safe and sound whereas trading accounts allow you to sell and purchase shares.

Measures Time

Demat accounts will basically hold your shares. They will measure your stocks at a time point. This also includes every financial year compared to trading accounts which also flow statements that reflect transactions measured over a period of time.


Trading and Demat accounts basically function in tandem. Let’s say that you are planning to trade in equity, then it is essential that you keep both accounts. It is essential that you find the right broker service that will help you meet all the needs of your investment.

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