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Nevly CEO Eric Blue Describes How He Got Into Business

Into Business


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Eric Blue founded Nevly in 2021. After leaving his practice and exploring a couple of different variations of entrepreneurship, he came up with the central theme that drove the development of Nevly’s business model. The company was founded with the mission of leveraging technology to improve the financial health of financially underserved consumers.

How did Eric Blue get into the business? Getting a chance to educate others and put them on the right path keeps motivation high as the company rapidly grows.

Pursuing a Life as an Attorney

Most people who go on to law school, graduate, and hold down international law firm jobs usually see this as a long-term profession. Eric Blue climbed the corporate ladder and found success as an attorney after graduating from the University of Texas School of Law. However, he didn’t seem to find the fulfillment he was looking for.

Investment opportunities and the chance to make a difference in various ways became much more appealing to Blue. His first jump into something different than being an attorney post-law school graduation came when he founded a small investment house focused on acquiring small and mid-size businesses.

Even in those early days, with the company evolving, it was still being determined if this was a long-term solution for him. While Blue might not be practicing as an attorney quite as much as he initially thought, he’s still very thankful for his time in law school and learning about what it takes to be successful in that industry.

That time taught me the value of service, strengthened him into a considerably stronger thinker, and built the foundation for being more confident in the business world.

Creating a Platform to Leverage Technology to Drive Stronger Financial Health Outcomes

The idea of Nevly wasn’t just something he thought of out of nowhere. Instead, Eric Blue looked at a few different opportunities to see what could fill a void in the current market in terms of how companies were addressing consumer’s problems.

Eventually, he settled on the version of Nevly as it exists today, largely influenced by the challenges he observed as a youth largely centered around the financial struggles that his mom endured as a single parent. When he was younger, he often witnessed his mother struggling to make ends meet and having to make difficult choices just to be able to provide for her children.

After dealing with all types of hardships, achieving financial freedom was one of the biggest hurdles. Eric’s mother didn’t have the resources or the tools to do it on her own, which led to a downward spiral that comes when there are financial struggles.

In today’s world, technology is helping tremendously and has the potential to drive meaningful change in the lives of those who need it most. Eric Blue sees Nevlyas as a way to help people like his mom push through and even obtain financial freedom, giving them all the tools and information needed to excel. Once someone gains confidence, they can see progress and become more motivated.

Bringing an idea to life, such as Nevly, started with memories, and the next step involved writing down an actual plan. Blue has always relied on writing things down and planning things out. Looking at opportunity vs. cost estimation will paint an accurate picture.

Not only has he put in the hard work, but surrounding himself with a strong team has helped him grow as an entrepreneur. He knew that to get the company where he wanted it to be, he needed to eliminate any outside noise and focus on making the customer the center of everything they do.

What Does the Future of Nevly Look Like?

Nevly is already off to a great start, and Blue believes the potential will be even better soon. Nevly launched its Nevly Money product in December of 2022, which helps consumers improve their credit scores and its mobile app will be released in the second quarter of 2023. Nevly’s mission is centered on leveraging technology to offer everyday consumers everything they need to strengthen their financial health.

Nevly is a company laser-focused on customers and community and investing in both as often as possible. From the company’s asset growth program, to its rewards program, referral program, financial planning, and more, the company has so much in store for its community of members Whether it’s everyday banking or financial health, it’s hard to argue with just how many tools are available to strengthen financial health.

Because of Eric Blue, Nevly is always trying to make things more user-friendly. Everyone comes into a situation at their level of expertise. Some have no financial training whatsoever, and that’s why Nevly is built in a way to lay everything out without feeling intimidating.

Staying Committed to the Business

Eric Blue Nevly jumped around professionally early on, but he’s found his calling. Nevly has a chance to be a top-rated company in the fintech space.

Throughout Eric Blue’s interviews found online, he seems to have a strong work ethic and puts his best into everything. From what is online about Eric Blue, he’s 100% committed to making Nevly one of the industry’s best in terms of what they offer.

It doesn’t do enough just to be an option, as he wishes to be the best and most valuable. Positive reviews already pop up when searching the app, and people continue to love everything it provides.

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