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Top 6 Free Control Panels To Manage Your VPS Hosting Server

VPS Hosting Server


While different types of web hosting plans are available, a VPS Hosting Server has gained popularity among site owners since it offers a dedicated server-like hosting environment at a marginal cost.

Different types of VPS Servers and hosting plans are available to help you get a hosting environment per your site’s needs. For example, you can choose between Windows and Linux VPS, HDD and SSD VPS, and Unmanaged and Managed VPS plans.

Since a virtual server offers dedicated resources, full root access, and account isolation, you can change the server and create a customised hosting environment for your site.

This requires technical skills, especially if you plan to change the server’s configurations and settings. Many hosts providing a VPS Server in India offer control panels to make this process easier.

Virtual Private Servers are powerful hosting options designed for websites that need a dedicated hosting environment at an affordable rate. In addition, there are many free and paid control panels to help you easily run and manage these servers.

While cPanel and Plesk are two of the most popular ones, you have to purchase a package to use them.

This article will list the top six control panels for efficient VPS Server management.

1. ISP Config

This is an open-source control panel with a low-restriction BSD license. It is a web-based interface for Linux VPS users to help you easily manage server-related tasks.

One of the best features of ISPConfig is its support for multiple languages – 22 in total. It also helps you manage multiple client accounts with special support for NGINX and Apache users.

2. Ajenti

Ajenti is also an open-source control panel with faster remote access and boosted performance. In addition, the developers have preloaded Ajenti with various new-age tools like a file manager, text editor, terminal access manager, and code manager.

It has a modular and lightweight architecture that supports various operating systems.

3. CentOS

An easy-to-install control panel supporting CentOS and CloudLinux distributions, CentOS is a highly popular web hosting control panel.

It is well-known for its range of security features, including the best Linux Firewall, IP access control, database management, automated backups, etc.

4. Virtualmin

A free and commercial version of the control panel can be chosen per your needs. It is ideal for KEN and OpenVZ virtual servers.

5. CyberPanel

Powered by OpenLiteSpeed, CyberPanel is one of the best free control panels available for VPS servers.

It comes preloaded with various tools like a firewall, antivirus, DNS server, webmail, etc. It also offers a range of applications you can install with a single click.

6. Vesta

This simple, lightweight free control panel with an intuitive user interface.

It supports over 26 languages and has advanced security features, including ClamAV Antivirus and SpamAssassin.

Summing Up

As you can see, there are many options in free web hosting control panels for effective VPS management.

Make sure that when you purchase a VPS Hosting plan, you pay attention to the control panel the host offers and look at its features.

If you don’t wish to pay more for a control panel, you can choose a free one per your requirements.

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