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Ways To Improve Communication Skills As Business Leader

Speaking genuinely


The ability to translate an intended message in a well-understood way is valuable for the growth of any business. Having this skill will boost the productivity rate of business, as team members will grasp the essence of every spoken or non-verbal word. Sales will also skyrocket through communication.

Ways To Improve Communication Skills

There are several ways to develop good communication skills, ranging from emotional stability, interpersonal relationships, and body language. Richard Warke Augusta, a well-known entrepreneur has shown great communication skills with his employees. Here are a few of the proven ways to communicate better.

Be A Good Listener

Excellent communication starts with attentive listening. Listening can be considered the first step to becoming a great communicator. Listening doesn’t begin and end with being silent when others are speaking. It includes showing interest by nodding the head, chipping in some words when needed. The leaders like Richard W. Warke are great communicators and have a notable impact as they are good listeners as well.

Show Empathy

The ability to feel the pain of others, understand them, and act following their needs is a way to be great at communication. As a business leader, this shows a high level of emotional intelligence.

Incorporate Feedback

Feedback from coworkers can sometimes be a threat to the ego of business leaders. While this fear could be wrongly justified, it is impossible to ignore it. Accepting that there is room for improvement will set a leader on a journey to near-perfect emotional intelligence, which would evolve such a person’s ability to communicate well. The leaders like Oprah Winfrey build a sustainable relationship with workers and clients by asking for feedback, as they will feel more valued.

Speak Genuinely 

The only way to get better at any new skill is to practice more. Public speaking enhances the communication skills of a leader. Constantly putting oneself in front of a large or small group will expose every hidden weakness of a leader. To convey a thought publicly in a well-understood way makes a leader stand out. Speaking genuinely will help you build your credibility and at the same will create a positive impact on the people around you.

Manage Your Emotions

As a leader, it is very important to handle your emotions and properly express them. Allowing your emotions to distract you will result in poor communication and possible conflict.

Practice Public Speaking

As the saying goes, if we want to be an expert in one thing, we must practice. To be great in communication, we must start by having a conversation with our team members. You may not notice but they can be one way for you to be more articulate while speaking.


In summary, to be a great communicator, business leaders must recognize that many factors must work together, most of them explained above. Leaders need to be able to communicate understandably with a clear understanding of the feelings of others while staying true to their original intent. Business leaders must know how to use words and how to address people to communicate clearly.

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