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Is a 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan Enough?

Term Insurance Plan


Is it enough to have a 1 crore term insurance plan to secure the future? A term insurance plan is a financial safety net for your family in your absence. It helps in paying off debts or getting over any financial hiccups in the event of the demise of the breadwinner of the family.

Many people wonder if they should take out a large insurance plan to secure their family’s future. Given the cost of living in cities, it has become necessary to purchase a Rs 1 crore term insurance policy, but here is everything you need to know about it:

What is a 1 crore term insurance plan? 

In the 1 crore term insurance plan, there is an assured amount of 1 crore for the nominee in case anything happens to the family’s breadwinner. The plan helps the family members deal with financial liabilities in the event of the death of the insurance holder.

Is it okay to invest in a 1 crore term insurance plan? 

Yes, you should invest, as the plan protects your family in unforeseen situations. If you are the sole earner in the family, then the insurance plan will cover almost all the future costs and protect the finances of your family members.

How does a 1 crore insurance term plan work? 

Here is how a 1 crore term insurance policy works:

  • Every year, there will be a fixed payment to keep the policy going, and the premium costs are affordable, which doesn’t change anything in your overall term plan.
  • It provides coverage of 1 crore for the numbers of years you want, basis the product feature and maximum allowability.
  • If the policyholder dies, the nominee can file the claim with the insurance company. They have to complete the paperwork to get the assured amount.

Why should you buy a 1 crore term insurance plan?

Are you thinking of purchasing the  ? If so, here are some obvious reasons why you should go ahead with your decision:

High coverage at affordable premiums: 

With this term plan, you can get high coverage at affordable premiums. Pocket-friendly premiums like Rs 900 per month for the coverage will remain the same during the policy tenure. The plan’s best feature is that there will be less financial stress because there will be no abrupt changes in the policy.

Enhanced coverage: 

You can easily enhance your policy with riders like critical illness cover or accidental benefits. The policy has various add-ons that will provide security to you and your family members. It will make things easier for life insurance riders and provide financial security.

Debt-free legacy: 

With the purchase of this insurance policy, you are planning the future of your family, so think it through thoroughly. If you die, your family will receive the guaranteed amount, which will help them pay off their debts and live comfortably. The assured amount helps to pay off any outstanding debts and leaves the family with a debt-free legacy.

People who can opt for a 1 crore term plan: 

Anybody can apply for the Rs. 1 crore term insurance plan, as long as you meet the age and income criteria. as it will benefit the family after the sudden demise. There are various offers under this policy, and you can choose the one that is suitable for you.


A 1 crore term insurance policy is beneficial for people who are the earning members of the family and want to protect their family’s future in case of sudden death. It provides many benefits that will assist family members in covering all debts and clearing all dues, in case of untimely demise of the life insured You can find out more about the term plan online or offline and apply.

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