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What Is A Good Health Insurance Plan For My Parents?

Health Insurance Plan


Like many things in life, your health is unpredictable and out of your control. Since ageing increases the risk of cardiovascular, diabetes, renal, asthma, and arthritis, your parents’ health is much more critical.

Several medical disorders might make life harder for your parents, from reduced bone strength to a need for assistance with daily duties. Thus, it’s crucial to get a good health insurance plan for your parents that covers various illnesses, including age-related ones. With medical inflation rising, you don’t want to pay high medical bills if your parents have a health issue or cannot afford treatment.

Parental health insurance:

When choosing health insurance for parents above 50, you should evaluate their medical and family history, the plan’s coverage, its flexibility to add coverage, and its premium. Flexibility and increasing the sum assured and range are also necessary.

The ideal health insurance for parents covers all their health risks, including those from accidents. Thus, before choosing parental insurance, you must examine your parents’ health insurance needs and study. Compare health insurance options before choosing. Remember that thorough research increases the likelihood of getting the most significant health insurance for your parents.

Why choose parental health insurance?

Although you may not be able to control your or your family’s health, you can take various steps to prepare for any health-related surprises. Thus, buying the best medical insurance for parents in India should be your priority.

Parental health insurance offers various benefits:

Rising medical costs

We all know medical costs are growing. From over-the-counter medications to doctor visits, medical expenses have increased. Health insurance is a simple strategy to control medical inflation. You can avoid worrying about the cost of medical emergencies or routine checkups by picking the correct parental insurance.

Age-related illness

Health and medical conditions generally decline with age. According to WHO studies, old age increases the risk of severe illnesses like cardiovascular disease and kidney failure. Depression and dementia also rise with age. Thus, it would help to guarantee that your parents have a decent health insurance plan covering routine checkups, significant diseases, and accidental injuries.

Disease coverage

If your parents have a pre-existing disease, choose your parents health insurance carefully. Most health insurance policies have a waiting period before covering pre-existing conditions, leaving you financially vulnerable to their effects.

Tax savings *

Health insurance has tax advantages*. Health insurance premiums are tax-free under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961. Income tax applies to premium payments over 25,000.

Save* your money

You can save* money if your parents need medical care by choosing an appropriate health insurance plan. You get health insurance for your parents, tax benefits*, savings* protection, and peace of mind for a reasonable premium.

What does parental health insurance cover?

Before buying health insurance for parents above 50, you should understand its coverage, including exclusions. Parental health insurance covers this.

Hospital bills

Your parents’ hospitalisation* may be costly for them and you. However, medical plans may cover hospitalisation* costs for your parents.

Pre-and post-hospitalisation costs

The Health Insurance Plans cover pre- and post-hospitalisation costs. Depending on your plan, this covers medical expenses from 30 to 60 days before hospitalisation*.


If you want pre-existing sickness coverage for your parents, make sure the plan offers a short waiting time. If not, your parents may be uninsured during the waiting time.

Major surgery

Good health insurance should cover extensive surgery. Plans that cover such pricey procedures are ideal.

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. Standard T&C apply

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