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Singapore Immigration Services: Get the Right Visa to Work and Live In Singapore

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To legally work and live in Singapore, foreign citizens are required to get appropriate visas. Once you have registered a company in Singapore, you are required to make the application for visas for all the foreign employees to work in the organization. These visas fall into three main categories; work permit, S Pass, and Employment passes. Another category is the Personalized Employment Pass, which is not tied to a specific employer.

Here is a closer look at how to get each of the passes. We will also demonstrate why you should always use the best Singapore immigration services when applying for passes.

Pick the Right Visa to Work in Singapore

The following are the three main passes that you can use to bring employees into Singapore. Remember that every pass can only be approved when the application is made correctly with the right documents at the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

How to Get a Singapore Work Permit 

Work permits in Singapore are used for basic-skilled workers from approved territories. The minimum age for work permits is 18 years and the maximum 58 years. When applying for a work permit, the employer is required to factor in the sector that the specific employee will work in.

The government of Singapore also requires the employer to adhere to the Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC), which is the ratio of foreign employees in a Singapore company to the total workforce.

Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore 

The employment pass is valid for three years and is dependent on the nature of the roles that the employee is coming to do. This pass is only available to employees who earn no less than S$4,500 for young and inexperienced applicants. However, it will only be approved for employees with a salary range of more than S$5,000 in the finance sector.

When making the application for an EP, your company must also demonstrate the commitment to employ the local employees first. For example, you should have tried, say, advertising in the local daily before making the application to bring a foreigner to take up the position.

Applying for a Singapore Personalized Employment Pass 

For top-tier professionals, getting a passport does not require them to be linked to specific employers. Once issued, the holders of the personalized employment pass are allowed to seek employment in any firm in Singapore. They can also change jobs without having to reapply and notify the immigration department. Again, this pass does not provide for a payment threshold.

Work with the Best Immigration Services to Process Visas

The above passport categories are the main ones, but they are not the only ones. Others that you might also want to consider are EntrePass for foreign entrepreneurs and multiple journey business visas. As you make up your mind about the passes to use, it is prudent to appreciate that the process of application can be pretty lengthy and demanding. To increase the chances of getting your pass approved, the best method is using Singapore immigration services, such as Hawksford.  

Having helped other immigrants coming to Singapore, the agency is able to note the reason why other applications are getting rejected. Most applications get rejected because the documents are prepared incorrectly, or the link to the employer is unclear. The experts can help you to iron out every aspect to raise the chances of approval. Working with the best Singapore immigration services also means that you can focus on other core areas of business as the application for passes are prepared.

As you can see, bringing on-board foreign employees requires a clear understanding of the available passes. To make it easier and cost effective, make sure to work with Hawksford because they have experts who are ready to help you every step of the way.

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