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Top Five Mistakes You Are Doing While Leading a Business

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When you browse the internet, you will find unlimited content on what a business leader should look like and thousands of videos about what a business leader should do. However, not many people talk about what business leaders should NOT do. Here are five common mistakes that you are making while leading your business.

1. Mistaking Management for Leadership

A manager is responsible for managing an activity, making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to. On the other hand, a leader is supposed to inspire people to bring forward their best by challenging them and encouraging risk-taking. To make sure your business succeeds, you have to strive to be a leader, not just a manager. Focus on your people and pay attention to them.

2. Not Knowing the Right Motivation

Many managers today are stuck in the loop of believing that employees only appreciate extrinsic motivations. These are things like bonuses, promotions, rewards, and money. What they fail to see is that intrinsic motivations, like challenging tasks, learning new things, and working on improving their skill, are much more effective and also easy to capitalize on. As a leader, focus on inspiring people and push them to reach their full potential for increasing productivity and efficiency.

3. Failing to Lead Through Change

Organizational change can be a leader’s biggest nightmare. Whether it’s a cultural change or simply the introduction of a new filing system, leading a team of people through it is a challenge, only the most skillful leaders can take on successfully. Employees are quick to develop a fear of the unknown when any type of change is incoming, and this might make the transition difficult.

However, a good leader will make sure that his employees feel secure about their jobs and will be willing to take a risk for the greater good of the company. Effective communication is crucial during change because when employees are aware of the benefits the change will bring, they are less likely to resist it.

4. Being Strictly “Hands-Off”

While micromanaging is not something that employees appreciate or flourish under, leaving them on their own to make important decisions can act as a demotivator as well. A good leader should not be inaccessible to the point that employees feel alienated. Striking a healthy balance of communication between yourself and your team is essential to achieve positive results.

5. Not Creating a Bond with Your Team

The office is where a worker spends most of their time. They should feel welcome and loved. Taking time out and building bonds with your team goes a long way. Their motivation and willingness to work hard are directly impacted by the sense of belonging they feel towards the team and the organization. Staying in touch with your team and being there for them are the key qualities of a good leader.


Humans are bound to make mistakes. But how we overcome those mistakes is what differentiates us as good and bad leaders. If you are making any of the above-mentioned mistakes in your leadership position, it’s time to make amends and strive towards progress.

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