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How Outsourcing Practices Change the Business Industry

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Outsourcing is now one of the largest industries in the world. It has expanded exponentially especially during the pandemic, where businesses preferred to get third-party services than maintaining and sustaining physical operations mainly due to safety concerns.

When we hear the word “outsourcing”, probably the first thing that comes to mind is call centres and BPO’s.  But there are specific tasks that small businesses need.  That includes virtual assistants, accountants, marketing, admin outsourcing and basically just about anything that can be transacted online.  It is for this reason that outsourcing has changed the business industry.  But how exactly?


One of the most visible benefits of outsourcing is the huge savings that a company gets.  Wages, for instance, have significant variations.  Western countries are paid much higher than those from Asia but the output and quality of work is the same.  It also saves on operational costs such as equipment, supplies, and utility expenses.


Business owners do not need to invest in office spaces since their manpower is being outsourced and their communication is made online.  Infrastructure and technology upgrades are shouldered by the outsourcing partner, hence, as the client, there is no need to spend for these kinds of developments.


Training and recruitment are very tedious and costly.  On top of that, workload is limited for every individual.  When outsourcing, you have full access to a pool of skilled and experienced workforce who can get the job done without the need for training.  You also get more people working on getting your tasks done on a budget that could have afforded only one employee on a traditional brick-and-mortar business.


Since outsourced employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable, productivity and efficiency definitely increase. This contributes to the bottom-line of your company, and has a great overall impact.


Outsourcing can free you from tedious tasks that limit your productivity.  You will have plenty of time to focus on more important things in your business, such as building your brand, researching and developing new products and services, establishing relationships with clients, and more importantly, having enough time for yourself and for your family.  Simply put, it can greatly contribute to a healthy work-life balance.


Because outsourced employees are very efficient, they will be able to submit deliverables in a faster, accurate, and more timely manner.  With this, you are also able to better serve your customers, and convert and implement your ideas faster.

Because of the looming pandemic, people are forced to work from home due to health and safety concerns.  Some business owners even had to lay-off employees in order to save from costs.  This set-up has opened more doors for outsourcing of talents and skills, and in turn helped many business owners adapt, survive, and continue to grow their business despite economic threats.

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